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Useful Photography Ideas and Tips for The Summer

outdoor photography photography summer photography travel photography underwater photography

The summer is coming.  There are lots of fun such as tasty food (ice cream, all kinds of tropical fruits, barbecue, etc), beautiful and fragrant flowers (honeysuckle…), beach, mountain, nature, clear night sky with stars, sparkling swimming pool, swimming suit, sandals, and vacation. Photo shooting is certainly an essential part of the fun. You can enjoy taking pictures of every style in the warm weather without freezing. Summertime is a great opportunity for photos of nature. You can also shoot underwater exploring the whimsical world in the water. Here is a brief list of items you may need for more convenience....

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Flash PC Sync Cable Cord

flash PC sync cord PC connector PC cord PC sync cable

PC is still the extremely common flash cable cord connector on essentially all speedlights today. You may think it connects to a computer. Actually, the name PC (Prontor-Compur) is from 2 now defunct German shutter companies in the 1950s. A Prontor-Compur connection (PC connector, PC terminal, or PC socket) is a standard 3.5 mm (1/8") electrical connector used in photography to synchronize the shutter to the flash. PC has one central pin and a surrounding barrel, the one pin is for Manual flash mode only. Some cameras or flashes do not have a flash sync port. There are inexpensive adapters for either the camera hot shoe or another type to...

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How to Increase Dynamic Range with Photoshop - HDR by PS

Dynamic range increase Dynamic range increase tutorial HDR high dynamic range Photoshop

Post processing is an important part of photography. Some amazing pictures can come from hundreds or thousands of layers. Some cameras (such as Sony A7II, A7 ,A7R) have Continuous Bracket Mode for HDR photos. If unfortunately a picture has overexposed area as well as underexposed area, you can also correct it in several easy steps with the powerful Photoshop. A photo before and after dynamic range increase:    1) Open the file in PS, go to Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Levels, adjust the middle input slider until the shadows are properly exposed. 2) Select Layer Mask of the adjustment Layer, go to Image-Apply Image: Layer: Background Channel:...

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Basic Accessories for Mirrorless Cameras - Sony a6000 / a6300

camera accessories mirrorless

Cameras are smart devices with complex functions and delicate parts. So the first thing to do once you receive a new camera (DSLR, MILS, compact, etc) is to dress it with all necessary accessories for protection as well as convenience. These are for Sony a6000 (a6300 is very similar to a6000): For Protection: Hot Shoe Cover Cap with Level (Standard Hotshoe Cover, Exact Fit Hotshoe Cover), Lens Cap Holder, Wrist Strap, Nylon Camera Bag, Faux Leather Camera Bag  Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector (Easy Installation of Glass LCD Screen Protector) For Convenience: IR Wireless Remote, Wired RemoteControl (How to set up wired remote Sony a7II, wired VS wireless) If...

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Spring Flower Photography Ideas 2016

flower photography spring photography

Spring is the season with flowers of various sizes, shapes, colors, fragrance, etc. Flower photography is so popular that it is a great challenge for photographer who wants to create unique pictures. Crocus(saffron), magnolia, daffodils are in blossom now. A lot more are joining. A photo of a flower can be taken from different distance and from different angles. From a distance, the blossoming looks like white, red, or pink cloud. From regular distance.  A closeup picture of a flower shows the details of petals, stamen, and pollen. Capture the reflection of a flower is a water drop. Take a...

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