Photography Tips | 3

Super Easy Installation of Glass Screen Protector on Any Camera or Device

Camera screen protector glass screen protector LCD screen protector

Protecting your camera's LCD screen is an important task. The purpose is to prevent scratches and dings on your LCD screen. Tempered optical glass LCD screen protector is not a flimsy film, it is a piece of thin glass that is not bendable. It is adhesive free, scratch resistant, shatterproof, smudge resistant, touch and swivel screen compatible, bubble free, and no glue. Once the electrostatic silicon adsorption layer attaches to the LCD screen, it would be difficult to adjust if it is not aligned properly. The package of tempered precision optical glass screen protector contains several items including Foto&Tech Premium Quality...

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Do You Need a Camera Strap - Neck Strap VS Wrist Strap

camera strap neck strap wrist strap

If you are going to carry your camera around, you will definitely need some type of strap to secure it. It can be a neck shoulder strap, a wrist strap, a camera bag with strap, hand grip, holster, harness, belt clip, or even a finger strap. If a camera only stays fixed and will never be moved around, a strap may not be necessary. The main purpose of a strap is to secure the precious camera with its delicate lens-prevent it from dropping and transport it safely. A padded strap also provides some comfort if the equipment is heavy. Survival...

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Wireless Remote VS Wired Remote

cable release IR remore wired remote

Both the wireless and the wired remote controls can trigger the shutter release without touching the camera so minimizing camera shake, but beyond that they have their own specific purposes. Each has its advantages as well as disadvantages.   Wired Remote Wireless Remote Compatibility Some cameras do not allow for the insertion of a cable release Not all cameras support wireless shutter releases Direction Allows operation from any direction Difficult to use from the side or back of the camera (How Infrared Remote Trigger Works) Battery No Battery Required-Powered by Camera   Needs battery (CR2025 5 PCS, 10 PCS) Range Most have shorter range Good distance Outdoor...

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How Infrared Remote Trigger Works

IR remote remote Sony a6300

Wireless remote triggers are one of the essential camera accessories to keep in your camera bag. The theory is the remote trigger sends out infrared light, the camera's infrared receiver detects it and signals the camera to open the shutter. IR detectors/receivers are little microchips with a photocell that are tuned to listen to infrared light. They are used for remote control detection –all TV, DVD player, and many digital cameras have one of these in the front to listen for the IR signal from the clicker. A matching IR LED inside emits IR pulses to tell the camera to release the shutter. Digital cameras can have one...

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Find a Must-Have Wrist Strap Hand Grip for Your Camera

accessories hand grip photography wrist strap

“A camera in hand is 60% more likely to be used than one that’s slung by its strap, 85% more likely than one in a shoulder bag, and 98% more likely than one in a backpack.” -Metthew Piers The best solution: when not in use, the camera with a nifty functional wrist strap stays in the camera bag worn in a cross body way, and it is securely attached to your wrist by the wrist strap when you do use it to capture something. Once you finish shooting, just put it back into the camera bag that you are carrying...

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