How to Set Up Wireless Remote Function with Nikon P900’s Moon Scene Mode for Moon shooting

How to Set Up Wireless Remote Function with Nikon P900’s Moon Scene Mode for Moon shooting

The moon has always been a great subject to photograph for skywatchers and astrophotographers. Shooting the moon in full details has never been easier with the Nikon COOLPIX P900 and its built-in Moon Scene Mode.

The Nikon Coolpix P900 is the only super-zoom camera with its record-breaking 83x optical telephoto lens, the equivalent of a 24-2000mm on a 35mm sensor. It allows you to shoot subjects at a jaw dropping 2m focal distance.

The camera’s Dynamic Fine Zoom, an enhanced digital zoom can effectively double the reach to a 4000mm equivalent!  When you enable the digital zoom and you can reach up to the equivalent of a 8000mm lens. It is so powerful that you can see the details of the moon’s craters and watch as it travels across the sky due to Earth’s rotation.

Zooming the camera in all the way will get part of the moon cropped out, so you actually have to zoom out a little bit to get the entire moon in your shot.

Preventing camera shake is of the utmost importance in astrophotography. It is best practice to use a remote control or remote cord to release the shutter, and avoid touching it with your finger. Set the camera to exposure delay mode can achieve the same effect. This also allows you to set a long exposure time over 30 seconds which cannot be set up with the camera alone.

For best result, preferably you need a wireless remote (wired remote or a timer) and a tripod to minimize possible shaking.

Moon Scene Mode

Select the Scene Mode on the Dial.

Select Moon Scene Mode and the camera will optimize the settings, focusing at infinity, in the center of the frame.

Remote Control Support

Set up remote control for 2 seconds.

You may also want to use a tripod, and if you do, remember to set the VR to OFF in the setup menu.

Set up the tripod.

Now you are ready to shoot the moon in full derails with Foto&Tech wireless remote!

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