Super Easy Installation of Glass Screen Protector on Any Camera or Device

Super Easy Installation of Glass Screen Protector on Any Camera or Device

Protecting your camera's LCD screen is an important task. The purpose is to prevent scratches and dings on your LCD screen. Tempered optical glass LCD screen protector is not a flimsy film, it is a piece of thin glass that is not bendable. It is adhesive free, scratch resistant, shatterproof, smudge resistant, touch and swivel screen compatible, bubble free, and no glue. Once the electrostatic silicon adsorption layer attaches to the LCD screen, it would be difficult to adjust if it is not aligned properly.

The package of tempered precision optical glass screen protector contains several items including Foto&Tech Premium Quality Optical Glass Screen Protector, alcohol swab, and superfine microfiber cloth. Scotch tape is required to keep it in the correct position after aligning the protector with the screen.

The following is the super easy 8 steps to install glass protector with no sweaty palm or deep breath.

  1. Wash hands.
  2. Put all items on a clean and stable surface like tabletop.
  3. Wipe the LCD with wet wipe (alcohol swab), then with dry wipe (microfiber cloth).
  4. The protective covering with sticker facing down, align the protector with 4 edges of the screen.
  5. Apply Scotch tape on the protector and one side of the screen.
  6. Flip over the protector, wipe the screen again.
  7. Remove the protective film with the sticker from the protector, flip over.
  8. Remove the scotch tape. Done!

You can also apply glass protector on any other electronic devices such as tablet and smart phone in the same way. Hope you find this helpful!

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