Tips to Photograph Fireworks for New Year Celebration

Tips to Photograph Fireworks for New Year Celebration

   Fireworks Displays are used to celebrate momentous occasions such as New Year and other holidays. They are beautiful to watch. Here are some tips to photograph fireworks displays.

  1. Go to the location early to get a good, unobstructed position. Check the foreground and background of your shots, location of fireworks, and the sky that the firework will be shot into. Choose appropriate lenses for your desired focal lengths.
  2. Using a tripod is still the best way to make sure the camera does not move during the shooting.
  3. Use a remote shutter release control (wireless remote, wired remote, LCD timercable release) to ensure complete stillness of the camera.
  4. Set the camera's highest image quality for RAW shooting.
  5. A low ISO is preferable to ensure the cleanest shots possible. Stick to ISO 100 or 200 and you should be fine.
  6. Shoot in ‘bulb’ mode. Press the remote shutter release when the firework is about to explode and hold it down until it has completed exploding (generally several seconds).
  7. Since the fireworks is bright, mid to small range(f/8 to f/16) apertures works reasonably well. F/11 is a good starting point.
  8. Experiment and check the shots to get the best result.

Hope you find it useful and have a happy successful New Year!

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