Photography Tips


Quick Rapid Strap Safety Tether

 The camera strap market is crammed with different types of products for every need. But which one is right for you? It all depends on your genre of photography and your personal style or personal preference. Photographers may end up realizing that they need different straps in different situations. There are Kit Neck Strap, Decorative/Artisan neck strap, Sling strap, Hand strap, Wrist strap, and Holster. They can be categorized in more details by the material, design, size/weight of camera/lens, specific situation, etc. The Quick Rapid Sport Strap or the Matin Neoprene Fast Access Strap has always been rated as the...

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Why You Need a Cable Release for Bulb Mode

bulb mode cable release mechanical shutter release

A cable release not only minimizes camera shaking, it also has the ability to lock down the shutter button for bulb mode which is extremely useful for long exposure photography. WHAT IS BULB MODE? Bulb mode, denoted by a B allows the photographer to manually open and close the shutter for the desired exposure.  Select manual mode or shutter priority, then scroll your selector wheel all the way to the end of the shutter speeds.  After 25″ (25 seconds), 30″, it will show “bulb” or the letter “b” on some cameras.  In bulb mode the camera will keep capturing a...

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How to Remove Tempered Glass Screen Protector

glass screen protector screen protector removing tool tempered glass protector

The glass screen protector protects your LCD from everyday use, scratches, smudges, hard dings, and dents. Protectors offer peace of mind since they are much more affordable than your screen. Under some circumstances you may want to remove and reinstall the protector for reasons like it was not aligned properly or there are cracks on it. The snap-on no-glue protector attaches to the screen by electrostatic adsorption which can be very strong. The best option could be the small and Handy Plastic Remover which can remove Screen Protector safely. It is easy to hold by your hand and has smooth edge which...

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Useful Photography Ideas and Tips for The Summer

outdoor photography photography summer photography travel photography underwater photography

The summer is coming.  There are lots of fun such as tasty food (ice cream, all kinds of tropical fruits, barbecue, etc), beautiful and fragrant flowers (honeysuckle…), beach, mountain, nature, clear night sky with stars, sparkling swimming pool, swimming suit, sandals, and vacation. Photo shooting is certainly an essential part of the fun. You can enjoy taking pictures of every style in the warm weather without freezing. Summertime is a great opportunity for photos of nature. You can also shoot underwater exploring the whimsical world in the water. Here is a brief list of items you may need for more convenience....

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Flash PC Sync Cable Cord

flash PC sync cord PC connector PC cord PC sync cable

PC is still the extremely common flash cable cord connector on essentially all speedlights today. You may think it connects to a computer. Actually, the name PC (Prontor-Compur) is from 2 now defunct German shutter companies in the 1950s. A Prontor-Compur connection (PC connector, PC terminal, or PC socket) is a standard 3.5 mm (1/8") electrical connector used in photography to synchronize the shutter to the flash. PC has one central pin and a surrounding barrel, the one pin is for Manual flash mode only. Some cameras or flashes do not have a flash sync port. There are inexpensive adapters for either the camera hot shoe or another type to...

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