Spring Flower Photography Ideas 2016

Spring Flower Photography Ideas 2016

Spring is the season with flowers of various sizes, shapes, colors, fragrance, etc. Flower photography is so popular that it is a great challenge for photographer who wants to create unique pictures. Crocus(saffron), magnolia, daffodils are in blossom now. A lot more are joining.

A photo of a flower can be taken from different distance and from different angles.

  1. From a distance, the blossoming looks like white, red, or pink cloud.
  2. From regular distance. 
  3. A closeup picture of a flower shows the details of petals, stamen, and pollen.
  4. Capture the reflection of a flower is a water drop.
  5. Take a picture from under the flower.  
  6. Put a black background behind a flower, apply some artificial rain drop on the petal.
  7. Make the blue sky the background.
  8. Accompanied by birds/butterfly/other insects/animals/children.
  9. With tea, food.
  10. Bouquet in a vase to mimic Van Gogh's painting.
  11. Falling or fallen petals.
  12. Record the process from budding to wilting
  13. .......

It requires imagination to create a refreshing and eye catching picture of spring flowers. Hope you have fun and success in spring flower photography!

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