Useful Photography Ideas and Tips for The Summer

Useful Photography Ideas and Tips for The Summer

The summer is coming.  There are lots of fun such as tasty food (ice cream, all kinds of tropical fruits, barbecue, etc), beautiful and fragrant flowers (honeysuckle…), beach, mountain, nature, clear night sky with stars, sparkling swimming pool, swimming suit, sandals, and vacation. Photo shooting is certainly an essential part of the fun. You can enjoy taking pictures of every style in the warm weather without freezing. Summertime is a great opportunity for photos of nature. You can also shoot underwater exploring the whimsical world in the water.

Here is a brief list of items you may need for more convenience.

1. Swimming suit, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.


2. Extra memory cards, replacement batteries for the camera, and memory card casebattery storage case organizer to organize them.

This 4-slot compact aluminum case offers the perfect storage solution to organize and protect your precious memory cards. (Amazon)


 Medium Li-Ion AA AAA 9V Battery Case       Clear Medium Plastic Battery Storage Case OrganizerLarge AA/AAA Battery Case  (Holds 46 AA or 64 AAA batteries)

These plastic battery cases will keep your batteries organized, dry, and safe from scratches or bump. We highly recommend it over the less protective plastic zipper bag which is vulnerable to scraping.

3. Accessories for your camera such as camera bags, wrist strap, lens cap holder, LCD screen protector, hot shoe cover, filters, tripod which you also need for other seasons.

4. Float foam strap for underwater photography.

Yellow Padded Foam Float Strap Foto&Tech

5. Remote shutter release trigger for closeup of flowers or long exposure for low light or stars in night sky (astrophotography).

6. You may need light and durable camping equipments, survival kit like this paracord strap if you shoot in wildness.

Preferably, these items should be functional, reliable, durable, portable, and lightweight for easy carrying.

The photo ideas are limitless and endless:

  1. Food: fruit, beverage, barbecue, corn, herb, vegetable, picnic, barbecue…
  2. Landscape: mountain, river, waterfall, lake….
  3. Underwater: people swimming in the water, coral, fish…..
  4. Fashion clothing, street photography.
  5. Beach: shell, palm tree, crabs, rocks, waves, surfing….
  6. Astrophotography: star and night sky, milky way, the Big Dipper….
  7. Nature: flower, insects such as cicadas, plant, fish, animal....
  8. Outdoor, sports, hiking, camping, travel…

Even for a popular object such as a watermelon, there should still be many creative ways to make a fantastic and unique picture which requires imagination and perception.

Photographing in summer can be extremely enjoyable, and you need to remember a few things. Use natural light sources such as sunlight, adjust the aperture as small as permissible to get more in focus. Use a cable release to minimize shaking when shooting in low-light such as cave, and try different exposure setting to get the best result. Accessories like a lens hood, polarizer or ND filter, tripod, remote triggers (wireless or wired) are important for successful outdoor photography. Always carry extra memory cards and batteries whenever you are outside shooting away from easy access to supplies.

Enjoy the summertime and have fun taking great pictures!

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