Photography Tips

Useful Photography Ideas and Tips for The Summer

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The summer is coming.  There are lots of fun such as tasty food (ice cream, all kinds of tropical fruits, barbecue, etc), beautiful and fragrant flowers (honeysuckle…), beach, mountain, nature, clear night sky with stars, sparkling swimming pool, swimming suit, sandals, and vacation. Photo shooting is certainly an essential part of the fun. You can enjoy taking pictures of every style in the warm weather without freezing. Summertime is a great opportunity for photos of nature. You can also shoot underwater exploring the whimsical world in the water. Here is a brief list of items you may need for more convenience....

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Find a Must-Have Wrist Strap Hand Grip for Your Camera

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“A camera in hand is 60% more likely to be used than one that’s slung by its strap, 85% more likely than one in a shoulder bag, and 98% more likely than one in a backpack.” -Metthew Piers The best solution: when not in use, the camera with a nifty functional wrist strap stays in the camera bag worn in a cross body way, and it is securely attached to your wrist by the wrist strap when you do use it to capture something. Once you finish shooting, just put it back into the camera bag that you are carrying...

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Tips to Photograph Fireworks for New Year Celebration

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   Fireworks Displays are used to celebrate momentous occasions such as New Year and other holidays. They are beautiful to watch. Here are some tips to photograph fireworks displays. Go to the location early to get a good, unobstructed position. Check the foreground and background of your shots, location of fireworks, and the sky that the firework will be shot into. Choose appropriate lenses for your desired focal lengths. Using a tripod is still the best way to make sure the camera does not move during the shooting. Use a remote shutter release control (wireless remote, wired remote, LCD timer, cable...

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Diffuse/Reflect Your Flash for Christmas Shots

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A common problem with Christmas shots is harsh shadows behind the subjects due to bright flash.  Try bouncing the external flash off walls or the ceiling, or use a flash diffuser or reflector. mini diffuser   2 sided diffuser

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5 tips for winter photography

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Moisture can be trapped in the camera body in the cold weather. It freezes and damages the camera. Here are 5 tips for winter photography. Keep batteries covered and close to your body since they die quickly in cold winter. Keep the lens cap on to protect the lens from snow, ice, or water. Cover the camera with a professional raincoat or a plastic bag with opening for the lens secured by rubber band. Use drying cleaning cloths instead of blowing warm air to the lens to avoid ice coating. Avoid changing lens outside. Put the camera in a sealed...

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