5 tips for fall / autumn photography

5 tips for fall / autumn photography

Fall is the season that has the most abundance of colors, the season of harvest, the warm transition season between hot summer and cold winter. It is also a perfect time to take the most vibrant pictures.

1. Foliage. You can take a close up photo of a green leaf tinted with traces of red, yellow, orange, etc. Or you can take a close-up picture of a leaf with any combination of colors or patterns. There are various types of trees that have leafs of all kinds of shapes or colors for you to choose from. If you backlight it, you can get a clear image of the tiny veins on the leaf. Scattered leaves on a rock in a creek, on a trail make another pretty scene.

2. Trees. Record a tree at every stage: full of green leaves, green with a small portion of red/yellow, mostly red/yellow, all red/yellow, partially leafless, and completely leafless. If you can catch the moment the leaves are falling from the trees, it would be comparable to petal falling in the spring or snow falling in the winter. Don’t forget to include the reflections of trees in the water/lake/river.

3. Food. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, and acorn are popular subjects. People also switch from iced beverage to hot chocolate, hot tea, or other warm steaming drinks. Go to a farmer’s market for pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hazelnuts, chestnuts, and all kinds of nuts are the favorite of the squirrel as well as human.

4. Farm. Wheat field, hay stacks, or other farm fields are also nice subjects.

5. Fashion. Go to downtown area or other places in big cities such as New York, and take pictures of people wearing nice fall fashion hat, scarf, blazer, coats, boots, etc.

You can also mix the above ideas such as a fashion show in a farm, a pretty leaf beside a cup of steaming black tea on a rock under a tree or above the water, or a cup of hot chocolate hold in the hands of a lady wearing a nice hat or a scarf.

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