What is Street Photography

What is Street Photography

Street photography is all about real life captured at the once-in-a-lifetime moment without any prior scheduling or setting up. There is “no props or lighting, no time for selecting and changing lenses or filters”, only “a split second to recognize and react to a happening.” The opportunity to get an amazing picture is everywhere, you only need sharp eyes to find and capture it without interrupting it. This requires a high degree of empathy. It is a way of seeing and experiencing life.

It does not always have to be harsh images of seedy cities or desperate people. There is also a bright side. It can be a smile, people in fashionable clothing against the right background at the right angle with the right posture, tasty food displayed outside, or any other pleasant scenes.

The most important thing is to see and feel it with your heart. What you see is what you think.

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