Photography Tips

Tips to Photograph Fireworks for New Year Celebration

fireworks photographer photography

   Fireworks Displays are used to celebrate momentous occasions such as New Year and other holidays. They are beautiful to watch. Here are some tips to photograph fireworks displays. Go to the location early to get a good, unobstructed position. Check the foreground and background of your shots, location of fireworks, and the sky that the firework will be shot into. Choose appropriate lenses for your desired focal lengths. Using a tripod is still the best way to make sure the camera does not move during the shooting. Use a remote shutter release control (wireless remote, wired remote, LCD timer, cable...

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Diffuse/Reflect Your Flash for Christmas Shots

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A common problem with Christmas shots is harsh shadows behind the subjects due to bright flash.  Try bouncing the external flash off walls or the ceiling, or use a flash diffuser or reflector. mini diffuser   2 sided diffuser

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5 tips for winter photography

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Moisture can be trapped in the camera body in the cold weather. It freezes and damages the camera. Here are 5 tips for winter photography. Keep batteries covered and close to your body since they die quickly in cold winter. Keep the lens cap on to protect the lens from snow, ice, or water. Cover the camera with a professional raincoat or a plastic bag with opening for the lens secured by rubber band. Use drying cleaning cloths instead of blowing warm air to the lens to avoid ice coating. Avoid changing lens outside. Put the camera in a sealed...

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6 Ways to Store / Backup Your Precious Photos

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Negatives, archival prints in photo books, shoebox Risks are high. Moisture, microorganism, bug, time, oxygen, disasters, animal, human, burglary all can cause irreversible damages. On your computer hard drive Photos can be transferred from memory card to PC with USB card reader conveniently.  It is convenient to view, print, or edit photos from your computer. The storage capacity can be several hundred GB, 1TB, or greater. But if the computer breaks down, you may not be able to retrieve the data on the hard drive. Digital camera Memory card, flash drive (4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB) They are...

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10 Essential Photography Accessories While You Are Traveling in Holiday

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These handy nifty accessories can make your holiday trip more convenient, more enjoyable, and more worry-free! Extra Battery Never run out of power! Battery Storage Case (AA/AAA Battery Case, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery/AA/AAA Case) Keep battery safe and organized. Extra Memory Card & Card Reader (Black, Silver) A backup is essential, never miss the opportunity to capture the beautiful scenes! Storage Pouch for Flash Memory Card Keep memory cards safe and easy to find when you need it. Dust Blower As a non-contact method of cleaning dust, you don’t need to worry about damaging the delicate parts of your camera or lens....

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