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How to set the remote control on Nikon D3300 D3200 D3000

1.Remove the plastic separator from the battery. 2. Press "i"  3. Select "s", then press OK 4. Select " wireless remote",   press OK  More reading: Wireless Remote VS Wired Remote How Infrared Remote Trigger Works How to set up IR wireless remote shutter release control for Sony A7II

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How to Use Foto&Tech IR Remote Shooting HDR with SONY A7II, A7 ,A7R

HDR high dynamic range photography tips

Foto&Tech IR remote for Sony works when you're in Continuous Bracket Mode for HDR photos. Please remember to enable the remote in the camera menu. Open the rear menu by pushing the Display Button on the wheel or the Fn Button. Select the cont. shooting / timer  menu option in the top right. Your icon might look different depending on how you've set it.  Scroll down and Select Continuous Bracketing. You can toggle several different options to suit your needs. Related reading: How to Set Up Wireless Remote Function with Nikon P900’s Moon Scene Mode for Moon shooting How to set up IR wireless remote shutter release control for Sony A7II...

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How to avoid soiling SLR camera sensor

If you never change the lens , most SLR users will eventually encounter this problem.  If you are an SLR camera user, you may have had this experience.     Here are some tips to minimize the risk of similar problems appearing:    After you upload the photos to the computer, you may suddenly find some black "stain" on some or all your photographs, every stain identical as it appears in the all the photographs taken at the same location.  Though these blemishes may not be easy to find, you notice they are present in all the pictures taken at the...

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