33-Inch Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit

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  • Professional 33" Umbrellas Lighting Kit: 2x White Shoot-Thru Umbrellas + 2x Black/Silver Umbrellas + 2x Light Sockets + 2x Light Stands + 2x 45W Daylight CFL Bulbs + 1x Carry Bag!
  • Reinforce photographer's effort in softening and diffusing lights for all levels of photographers.
  • Perfect for producing photo and video of any object (portraits, costumes, furnishings, etc) for web retailers and commercial product catalog. Ideal for eBay Seller, Home or Office.
  • Adjustable Light Tripod Stands: Maximum height is 7 feet, fold down to 3 1/2 feet for easy portability. Two AC Swivel adapters with Umbrella Mount, standard sockets for bulbs, and 5' cord.
  • Lightweight, sturdy, versatile, and easy to set up. Carry bag included for convenience and for on-the-go photographers.
33-Inch Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit
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