Lens Cleaning Dual Tip Brush Pen with Carbon Tip for LCD, Glasses

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  • SMALL & FUNCTIONAL. The Foto&Tech lens cleaning pen brush fits right on the palm of your hand, however it doesn’t compromise when it comes to eliminating  dirt and stains and leave your glass surfaces good as new.

  • DUAL TIP.  The lens cleaning pen comes with both a brush and carbon tip. The brush works well for sweeping off dust and small particles. On the other hand, the pen's carbon tip effectively removes smudges, stains,  and fingerprints on lenses.

  • SOFT & FLEXIBLE. Made from soft wool. The lens cleaning pen has bristles with enough flexibility to get into little nooks and crannies. It substantially reduces the amount of electrostatic charge on the lens surface. This feature lessens electrostatic charge that attracts dust and causes it to adhere to lenses.

  • SAFE, EASY TO USE. The soft bristles of the lens cleaning pen brush is safe to use on optical devices, DSLR, drone, Oculus Quest 2/Quest/Rift S. The gentle brush is flexible and has the ability to reach into areas where a normal microfiber cleaning cloth can't wipe or safely venture to, leaving no skids and scratches. Environment friendly.
  • SECURED. The camera lens brush is retractable, making it easier to secure. It's equipped with protective caps to prevent brushes from exposure to dust and contamination from dust particles. They also keep the carbon tip from being damaged to ensure longevity of use.
Lens Cleaning Dual Tip Brush Pen with Carbon Tip for LCD, Glasses
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