Foto&Tech Portable Non-Reflective Still Life Shooting Metal Frame Fold

Foto&Tech Portable Non-Reflective Still Life Shooting Metal Frame Foldable Table with 58cm x 98cm Pure White Plexiglass Panel Cover Photo Studio Bench Easy Set Up without tools …

$ 129.99 $ 45.99

  • The table makes it possible to capture images of products that are web-ready with a pure white non-creasing background. No need to post edit the background. It saves time as well as the background drop. Frame Opening Size: 54cmx60cmx90cm (L x W x H)
  • Simple place the acrylic surface on top of the frame and secure it via the attached clips.The panel may be tilted/bent upward and locked into place, to any angle up to 90°, for totally seamless background. It fits into the 4 slots of the frame directly, no additional clamp is required. Can be lit from above, below, behind, or around the subject for sufficient exposal and brilliant image with precise control
  • It folds together easily like a chair in seconds. Portable and convenient to carry anywhere as part of your moving photo studio. Perfect for small or middle size object photography, as jewelry, mobile-phone, cosmetic and toys
  • Easily set up lights above or below the table to achieve the smooth white background look without the need for post-production work. 
  • Non-reflective opaque Plexiglas surface Base: 58cm x 98cm . Best Solution for Your Professional Portable Photo Studio. Soft box is not included.

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