Foto&Tech Mini Wired Remote Shutter Release

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ENHANCED CONTROL. Controls autofocus and shutter triggering, capturing images without shaking the camera. Perfect for taking long exposure photos, continuous or single exposure.

VERSATILITY. The wired remote switch uses a 12 inch long camera connecting cord. Ideal for bulb exposures, super telephoto shots, macro photography, and taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach.

CONVENIENT. The Fujifilm RR-100 replacement wired remote shutter release cord is powered by camera, and requires no battery. Larger, more comfortable form factor. Works well for shooting in the studio or outdoors.

EFFORTLESS SET-UP. The remote control has a two-stage release button, half-press to focus, fully press to trigger the shutter. Press the button and slide it forward to lock for long exposures. Slide the button back to its original position to unlock the shutter.

COMPATIBILITY. FUJIFILM GFX100, X-T30, GFX 50S, GFX 50R, X-H1, X-Pro2, X-T3, X-T2, X-T1, X-T20, X-T10, X-T100, X-E3, X-E2S, X-E2, X-A5, X-A10, X100F, X100T, X70, X30, XF10 | CANON EOS Rebel T7(1500D) T6(1300D) T5(1200D) T3(1100D) T3i(600D) T4i(650D) T5i(700D) T6i(750D) T6s(760D) T7i(800D) SL1(100D) SL2(200D) SL3(250D) XS(1000D), EOS 70D 77D 80D RP R M6, M6 Mark II, and M5 | PENTAX 645Z, 645D, K1, K3, K5, K5 II, K30, K50 K500 K7 K110D K100D, K100D Super, K200D K10D K20D (Compatible Pentax CS-205).

Our innovative shutter release is designed to enhance your photography experience. With its convenient design and functionality, this device is an essential tool for any professional or amateur photographer. It provides your enhanced control over your camera, allowing you to capture the perfect shot with ease. It ensures a seamless communication between your camera and the device. 

length of cord: 30 cm/ 12 in
size of remote: 37.8 x 21.8 x 8.9 mm | 4.8 x 8.6 x 3.5 in
color: black

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