Foto&Tech Metal Lens Cap Front Cover Fuji X100V

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Increase your camera lens’ defense with Foto&Tech’s lens cap attachment. The silver and black metal Fuji lens cap is a high quality accessory to protect the front lens of your camera. The Fuji X100V lens cap helps guard your camera lens from any damages caused by dust, dirt, dampness, bumps, etc. The silver and black finish adds a stylish touch to your camera gear. The lens cap is easy to attach and remove, providing quick and convenient access to your camera’s lens. Travel anywhere without worrying about your camera lens. You can be confident that your lens will stay safe and protected while not in use.

Note: The locks may be stiff in the initial use, but using it frequently will gradually loosen the snap-on locks.
Foto&Tech Metal Lens Cap Front Cover Fuji X100V
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