Electric Self Rotating 8" Motorized Photography Turntable

8" Turntable
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  • An 8"(20cm) stage to display products for photography, videography, and special video effect for a YouTube channel.
  • The circular, flat stage is perfect for taking 360° photos or videos of products such as jewelry, mobile electronics, cake, watch, digital products, shampoo, glass, bag, models, diecast, collectibles
  • The product stage has a matte white finish that helps guard against reflections from studio lights. Rotating Speed(Load Capacity): 8s/round(5kg), 15s/round(10kg), 25s/round(15kg), 50s/round(20kg)
  • Constant, quiet, and smooth rotations to display a product or cake at an event. Widely used in display of plastic model in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore
  • Easy to Use! - Just plug it in (110V cord included) and flip the switch! Single switch operation. Get 360-Degree View of the item for recording while the base stay still and top part rotates
Electric Self Rotating 8" Motorized Photography Turntable
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