Foto&Tech 3 PCS Tripod Clamp 360 Swivel Ball Head-HTC VIVE Oculus Rift

Foto&Tech 3 PCS Metal Tripod Clip Clamp Mount 360 Swivel Mini Ball Head 1/4" Screw Compatible with HTC VIVE Base Station/Oculus Rift Sensor/Lighthouses & Canon Nikon Flash Lighting Speedlite DSLR Camera Camcorder

$ 39.99 $ 17.99

  • Multi-function flash holder with 360-degree swivel mini ball head and a spring clamp for HTC VIVE Base Station, Oculus Rift Sensor, Lighthouses, SLR, Digital SLR, Camcorder, etc
  • Can clamp on most light stands, tripods, pipes or board to mount photographic equipments
  • The strong clip can be installed to flash holder, base, TTL cord, and flash trigger with standard screw hole
  • Handy camera mount replacing tripod/monopod for anywhere, outdoors, sports, vacations
  • Clip clamp to anything (car, boat, table, tree, bike, etc) for the group shot you want to be in, or the camera in movie mode, staring at you

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