Black Silicone Dust Blower

Foto & Tech
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  • SOFT & FLEXIBLE. Foto&Tech’s rubber dust blower is made of thick but soft silicone rubber that won’t scratch your expensive equipment. Its flexible nozzle is great for small-scale cleaning. This hand air blower gets inside small crevices to clear dust off your camera without issue.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN. Convenience is always key. This rubber dust blower delivers an ample amount of air through it’s valve when squeezed. The air blaster comes with an easy, hand-grip design that makes squeezing the hand air blower comfortable.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE. Cleaning items that require a certain amount of care? This hand air blower is easy to store inside your bag. Its soft rubber silicone body is impact proof. Take it anywhere you go.
  • VERSATILE USES. This hand air blower is a must-have, all-purpose tool. It’s small but powerful and gets the job done. This hand dust blower is perfect for cleaning inside and in-between your electronics (such as cameras, PCs, keyboards, gaming consoles, etc.), creating arts and crafts, and even gardening.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO AEROSOL CANS. Foto&Tech’s rubber dust blower is a great substitute to the more expensive compressed air cans and electronic blowers. This air blower is handy, green, and energy-saving. It requires no batteries and contains no other substances that can negatively affect sensitive devices.
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