8 Pieces Black Adjustable Clip & Clamp Backdrop Holder

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  • Must-Have Studio Accessory – Helps securely tighten background. Attach the screen to the clips at even intervals to keep the screen tight and wrinkle free. Saves time in post-production.
  • Multi-Functional - Suitable for all types of crossbars and background supports. In the active position, the user can slide the muslin holder up and down the stand to their best interest.
  • Precise & Fast Adjustment - Attach quickly and easily to crossbars or light stands. Wrap them around the rod of either side of the backdrop and strap them, push the button down or pull the string to tighten the backdrop.
  • Superior Quality & Lightweight - Muslin clip consists of stretchy elastic cord, push button locking release tab, hook-and-loop part and a metal clip, can wrap around pole and stands easily.
  • Content: 8x Backdrop muslin clip holder. Length: 24 cm / 9.5 inches. Note: Does not work for vinyl backdrops, the metal teeth will scratch them.
8 Pieces Black Adjustable Clip & Clamp Backdrop Holder
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