Lens Ring DSLR Filter Adapter Set, Step Up & Down Kit

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  • 18 LENS RING ADAPTER. Foto&Tech’s filter adapter set comes in 18 pieces in different sizes. This set includes step-up and step-down ring sizes. **Please make sure to check inclusions to see if they will fit your lenses.
  • HIGH QUALITY. Perfect for personal work or professional projects. Each lens ring adapter is made of durable aluminum metal alloy that is designed to perfectly fit one another without any lockup or cross-threading. Built for photographers at any skill level.
  • COMES IN STEP UP & STEP DOWN SIZES. Get a wide size range of lens ring adapters. The set itself is packed with rings that convert the thread size of lenses to the thread size of other accessories including filters, lens hoods, lens converters, etc.
  • SECURED FIT. Each ring fits perfectly tight against lenses with a snug fit. No more wobbling or erratic shots. The rings also resist scratches, bumps, and twists to make sure your camera remains secure.
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT. The filter adapter set is easy to carry and install at any shoot. Swap from lens to lens without the fuss.
Lens Ring DSLR Filter Adapter Set, Step Up & Down Kit
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