Foto&Tech Extra Large 5MM EXTRA THICK WATERPROOF Neoprene Lens Bag

Foto&Tech EXTRA LARGE Size 5MM EXTRA THICK WATERPROOF Rain Cover Neoprene Lens and Flannel Collar Lens Bag with Adjustable Drawstring and Swivel Clip (Depth 9" x Diameter Opening 4")

$ 39.99 $ 10.99

  • Water-proof rain cover neoprene bag, double Sewing to prevent bursting
  • Includes water-proof bag for the lens bag in side pocket
  • Plastic and metal swivel belt clip, for easy access
  • Metal aglets and cord lock on drawstring attached to flannel collar, prevent the drawstring from loosening
  • Drawstring can fully close bag,keeps lens safe, dry, and anti dust

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