Foto&Tech 2 PCS Backdrop/Reflector Holder Clip Clamp for Light Stand

Foto&Tech 2 Pieces Backdrop Clip/Reflector Stand Holder Portable Photography Studio Background Holder Clip Holder Adapter Clamp with Spring-Loaded Jaw Standard 5/8" Receiver for Light Stand

$ 11.69

  • Designed for collapsible backgrounds and reflectors, this handy accessory allows you to position your lighting gear on any stand for optimal lighting effect.
  • The spring-loaded jaw securely holds circular reflectors up to 60" in diameter with rims up to 1/2". It will also hold non-circular reflectors of different types and sizes, cards, or backgrounds.
  • The standard 5/8" receiver is compatible with any light stand with an industry standard 5/8" stud. You can also attach it to wall mounts or booms for complex shooting situations.
  • Easy to assemble. The easy pinch design system guarantees quick and firm attachment without fumbling with the background or reflector, or requiring the assistance of an extra person.
  • Made from lightweight and sturdy aluminum. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Size: ~ 7.6 cm x 5 cm. Weight: ~ 1.4 oz (40 g) / 1 piece. Package includes 2 pieces of reflector holders.