Foto&Tech 2 PCS Stainless Steel Quick Install Screw for DSLR/SLR/EVIL

Foto&Tech 2 PCS 2017 Upgraded Extra Strong Stainless Steel Quick Install Screw for Quick Release Neck Strap/R-Strap/Neck Sling Strap Holder/Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax/Sigma/Olympus/Panasonic DSLR/SLR/EVIL Camera

$ 39.99 $ 8.99

  • This 2017 upgraded solid stainless steel screw provides a positive connection point while perfecting the quick and easy attachment and release system
  • The enhanced locking ridges ensure that solid connection between your camera and quick release neck straps
  • With high-grade rubber compression washer
  • Fits All Types of Quick Release Neck Straps and attaches to the connector
  • Warning: For long telephoto lenses, please purchase a separate strap tether to safeguard the camera from falling in case the main strap attachment to camera's tripod mount fails.

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