Foto&Tech 2 PCS 2-in-1 Metallic Rapid-Mounting Plate with Tripod Mount

Foto&Tech 2 Pieces 2-in-1 Black Metallic Rapid-Mounting Plate Includes Tripod Mount for Quick Rapid Neck Straps

$ 25.99 $ 11.99

  • Plate is 2-in-1, having also a tripod-ready mount for quick attachment
  • Quickly attach plate via plate's strap-ready loop, to neck or shoulder strap, just as quickly detach
  • Black metallic rapid-mounting plate for cameras having mount-ready input site on underside of camera
  • Less time for you to move from handheld to tripod shots
  • Rapid-mounting plate will securely carry & hold 150 LB: tested

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