Foto&Tech 12" White Balance Disc Gray Panel Foldable 2-Sided Reflector

Foto&Tech Portable 12"/30cm 18% Gray Card White Balance Disc Gray Panel & Neutral White Double-Sided Collapsible Reference Reflector Focusing Board for Camera Photography+Nylon Bag+Organizer Cable Tie

$ 19.99 $ 9.89

  • Accurate Color Balance & Exposure – Ensures that your photos and videos are accurately exposed and color balanced. Allows you to adjust exposure and color balance in camera, or in your post-production software.
  • Two Sided Gray Panel - The 18% gray side of the panel has a target in the center so that your lens can find a focus point. The neutral white side works as white balance and reflector.
  • Handy Pop Up White Balance Card - Simplifies the complex technical issues about exposure and color correction when working in different lighting conditions. Great for events such as weddings or fashion shows.
  • Portable & Convenient - Collapses to just 1/3 of its full size, allowing it to fit in most camera bags. The loop on one side of the sleeve allows you to carry around easily.
  • Package Content – One 12" Gray Panel, one elastic cable tie, one nylon zipper storage sleeve.

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